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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know anything about Birth Into Being or Limbic Imprint ReCoding. This is the first time I’ve heard of Conscious Birth. Would this still work for me?
Yes. You don’t need to know how it works in order to have strong, imprinted experiences and stimulate an enhanced committment to growth! You will learn a little about the theory behind limbic imprint recoding as well as being provided with plenty of links and resources to peruse in your own time. It is not necessary to have a thorough understanding of how it all functions, in order for the processes to make an impact in your limbic system.

Who are your courses suitable for?
There's a whole segment on the course intro page titled, 'It's for you if...' See if you are represented there! We were all born, have all dealt with life and its lessons. Even the most fortunate amongst us have struggled at some point. With neuroplasticity, it can always get better!

I’m pregnant with my first baby and/or I am pregnant, have already given birth once or more than once and want to heal from that.

Wonderful. You are in the right place. This work is deep, but non traumatic. It is not about rolling around in what was, revisiting old pains and traumatic events, but rather creating something new for our limbic system to relate to. Write to me if you have more specific queries.

When are the live calls?
At 10:30am AEST on Weeks 2 & 6.

I use to figure out timezone schtuff.

Do I need to attend the live calls?

No, you can watch the recordings. Although we would LOVE to have you with us, live. You can always submit your questions ahead of time.

How does it unfold?

Every Sun or Monday @ 10:30am AEST ( to find your timezone) for 6 weeks you will receive a new process to do whenever it suits you best. On weeks 2 and 6, we’ll have a 60 to 90 minute live call via Zoom.

The links to the calls will be posted within the course, from the beginning, so you can schedule them into your calender.

These calls will be recorded and the recording made available (as soon as possible), within the course platform itself, for anyone that missed it.

Whilst the majority of the course unfolds via recordings, it is still a live and fluid experience. According to questions that are coming up amongst the group, or resources that I mention on the live calls, other content and exercises may be posted within the course platform. If there is something that you would like to see or do, please feel free to make requests!

You can access the content at any time after it has been posted – you don’t have to watch, listen or read it that day. It will not be removed for at least a year after the course has finished.

Our private facebook group is open only to the participants of my courses, and we can dialogue there as much or as little as we like, as we journey through the course together. Only people connected with that group can see anything that is posted there, and posts will not be visible in anyone else’s feed.

Can I do the whole course at once?
Some of the content will be available at the beginning, so you can check it out, and get an idea of where we are going, but alot of what we will share together is going to unfold as we journey through the content.
The course is a cumulative experience. Each process builds on the previous one.

Can I buy this as a gift for someone else?
No. The impulse for doing this kind of inner work needs to come from within. You can suggest or recommend the Birth Into Being Method (and we’d love it if you do!) but the person doing the work really needs to be willing for this kind of inner work and ready to apply themselves, and their intention and attention to it.

Can I sign up now but not start for a while? I've got lots on.

Yep. You can start when the time is right for you. The processes and the live call recordings will always be available for you to watch, and you can ask questions on the facebook group and receive answers, in whichever time frame you take the course.

When does it start? How long does it go for? 

'With Ease & Grace' begins Sept 17th, goes for 6 weeks until October 22nd, 2017
Live Calls take place via Zoom @ 10:30am AEST

'with Woman ~ For Birthworkers' begins October 14th, goes for 6 weeks until November 18th, 2017             Live Calls take place via Zoom @ 10:30am AEST


Do I have to do it within the six weeks?
No! You can take your own time with this. You have access to the course for as long as it exists – and can come along with us in 'real time' or watch the recordings and do the exercises in your own timeframe.

Will you run it again?

Yes, throughout 2018 ~ sign up to the mailing list to be sure to hear when it runs next.

How much is it? Where do I sign up?
It’s US $197 (AUD $260 ish), payable in US dollars.
Click on the course of your choice and you'll see the button to take you through to payments.

Can I buy from outside Australia or the US? 
Yes, you can buy it from anywhere.

Do I need a Paypal account to buy?
No. We accept any bankcard via Stripe.

Can I forward the contents to a friend?
I ask that you do not forward course content on to another person as they are purchased for your personal use only. Alternatively, if you love the course and think you might know others who would enjoy it, you can earn thank you money for recommending it to others by joining our affiliate scheme. Ask me!

Will it work on a tablet or smartphone?
You can access it from any device that can access your emails and the internet.
The content contains videos (.mp4) or audio files (.wav), and PDF ebooks.