Nicole is a seeker, storyteller, empath, artist, idealist, oxytocin enthusiast, birth passionista & provocateur. She lives in a world of joyful, sustainable, curious co-creation and most enjoys sharing unique transformative experiences, in a field of safety & connection. Nicole brings many arts to her work with conscious evolution and her improvised life.

An Advanced Facilitator of the Birth Into Being Method, Nicole is blessed to work with people individually and in couples or
groups, locally and internationally. 

This modality explores the imprints of our early life experiences, recoding and recreating imprints that better serve our evolutionary imperative. The Birth Into Being Method offers spiritual preparation for conception, birth, and for birthing the latest greatest, most intentional and aligned version of you.

You will often find Nicole by the sea; improvising life, writing, filmmaking, living on community & all ways being Mama.

The latest adventure unfolding — online courses in the Birth Into Being Method; With Ease & Grace, and  ReWrite Your Story.