‘… Imagine being born into the world with welcome, respect, quiet bliss and love. I was, with Nicole’ 


You don’t need to keep adventuring alone, forging your own way forward.

There are people, and tools that can help you.

Gift yourself with the imprints that would best serve you, and realign your nervous system to a place of connection, commitment, and care for yourself.

Imprints in the limbic system of the brain are created during gestation, birth and the early years, as your nervous system develops. Sadly, not all of us were blessed with blissful origins, and our automatic responses, default settings and perceptions of the world have been adversely influenced ever since.

Our imprints govern our emotional selves and often override our rational thinking mind. They are at the root of self sabotage, and hinder happiness and freedom, inhibiting self expression in sometimes subtle, but often overt ways.

Most of us can identify recurring patterns that we have tried to change, but that show remarkable resilience in sticking around. No matter how many years you spent on a meditation cushion, in incredible asanas, or investigating alternative therapies. 

Working creatively with the imprints of birth and the early years has a strong and lasting impact on repetitive patterns and insidious inhibitions.

By co~creating birth imprints that serve you, ReWrite Your Story will:

  • Help you dance through life, feeling safe, wanted, welcome and loved

  • Show you exactly how to create new imprints of your early life

  • Save you money and time and ridiculous amounts of stress figuring out how to realign your nervous system and shift your neurobiological patterns

  • Do it all with confidence, knowing you’re learning from a creative, caring, confident and experienced facilitator

Because your life can and should be blissful, bountiful, beautiful and fun!

ReWrite Your Story takes all the guesswork and gambling out of recoding your limbic imprint.

So, give yourself the gift of re imprinting and you can expect deep and lasting change in the emotional tone and flavour of your life.

“After 35 years of blaming myself, and my body. I’m ready to walk the path from victim to survivor, ready to play again. Ready to shine…”   Kylee

More Details About ReWrite Your Story?

ReWrite Your Story is experiential.


Rather than learning about trauma, how it is caused and what it does to you, we actively process it and create experiences to counteract it. 

Whether you’re trying to clear the debris of the past or create change within, you’re about to get expert help and tools from a “dedicated and skilled” facilitator.

ReWrite Your Story gently guides you into feeling safe, loved, and held. Able to access happiness and pleasure – even if that was not your experience in early life.

  • Redefine the initial imprints of life that you received upon entry. 

  • Learn how to navigate the emotional terrain of your life from a place of nourishment and true welcome.

  • Hear, hold and love the parts of yourself that need it, moving from need to nourishment.

It’s the land of the brave, but it’s also fun, and fascinating.

Is it all about birth?

Yes and no...

You don’t need to be pregnant or approaching conception to be drawn to this work.
 You don’t need to have had children either.
We were all born, and we can all benefit from looking to that time of our lives for healing. 
If you are pregnant or approaching conception, Birth Into Being ~ With Ease & Grace, another online course, has been made specifically for you.

About the instructor

Mama, Birth Passionista, Facilitator

Nicole Moore

My life is enmeshed with many others, in community. A seeker from the beginning, I am deeply passionate about conscious evolution, our future as a species, and good living as a spiritual path. In my life and work, I am aligned with the truth that the way we are born, and experience life in the formative period of life, creates imprints and impacts the way we live. In workshops, private sessions and online, I explore these imprints and create new ones with people wanting to either develop relationship with, prepare for, or heal from birth. I am currently conspiring with the universe to create this and other online courses in this wonderful healing modality. I'm hoping to satisfy the requests from all those people who want to do this work from the comfort of their own home, who are not able to make it to a workshop somewhere. I like the idea of reaching more people than I can with in person workshops, and being a bit more sustainable in the way I'm interacting with the world and sharing my gifts. ( Less travel! More time for kids stuff on weekends! )Please! Reach out with any queries or questions. Don't be shy, ok?

Pregnant or Preparing for Conception? This self paced course might suit you better...

  • $297.00

    $297.00Birth Into Being ~ With Ease & Grace

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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Week 1

    • Welcome / Intro to ReWrite Your Story

    • An Altar for your Inner Child 4 mins

    • Monkey Breath - a quick little demo and explanation. 2 mins

    • Limbic Imprint ReCoding - INTRODUCTION, 25 mins WATCH THIS FIRST!

    • Limbic Imprint ReCoding - Process. 1 hour and 20 mins

    • Seaweed ~ Music to move, meditate or manifest to!

    • Questions about ReWrite Your Story

    • Discounted rates for private Sessions

    • Hand Gestures for Zoom Calls Video ~ 2:30 mins

    • Hand Gestures for Zoom Calls Graphic

  • 2

    Week 2

    • Tri Brain Process

    • Elena Introduces the Tri Brain Process

    • Tri Brain Process and it's application in Pregnancy

    • Tri Brain Supporting Articles

    • Seaweed Music

    • Birth As We Know It ~ FREE 25mins Educational Version

  • 3

    Week 3

    • An Oxytocin Generating Exercise! 3 mins

    • The Family Process ~ Intro Video 15mins

    • The Family Process ~ Audio 57mins

    • Journalling Exercise for The Family

  • 4

    Week 4

    • Returning by Jennifer Berezan

    • Abundance of Time

    • Week 4 Intro - Watch Before doing the "Elements" AUDIO Process. 11 mins

    • Elements Process AUDIO - 1 hour long

  • 5

    Week 5

    • A Map to Personal Power - A Message to your Other Selves ~ Video Intro 6mins

    • A Map to Personal Power - A Message to your Other Selves Process

    • Journalling Prompts - Reflecting on the themes explored, Celebrating where we've been in the duration of this course.

  • 6

    Week 6

    • Your Beautiful Future

    • Commitment to Self Relationship Remembering

    • Further Reading for ReWrite Your Story - 7 min video

    • Further Reading - Suggested books, with Links

    • Further Reading - article links

    • Spiralling - with Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova

More Details About ReWrite Your Story?