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ReWrite Your Story

Birth Into Being

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The way we are born impacts the way we live

Reduce fear by cultivating trust

Explore your life's beginnings and the limbic imprints created in conception, gestation, birth & early childhood with
The Birth Into Being Method

Live Virtual Retreat
27th April through to the 18th May, 2017 @ 9:30am AEST

Our ability to love, believe in ourselves, trust in life and everyone else, access states of equilibrium - peace, love and happiness - begins in the Limbic Imprint

  • Disconnection, isolation, distrust, persistent discontent.
  • Lack of initiative, self worth, anxiety prone, hypervigilant.
  • Addicted, numb, shut down.
  • All very common occurrences in the modern Western psyche

Since the 1950‘s, modern day birth practices have very often had some or all of the natural processes removed.

Natural initiation of labour, normal hormonal activation and the natural release mechanisms for oxytocin, the hormone of love, are often interfered with. The journey of emergence through the bacteriologically rich vagina, and maternal bonding is often interrupted by the effects of drugs and surgeries. Any number of interventions can and do happen. All the time. Intervention is statistically increasing, for numerous political, financial and social reasons.

If you arrived without any of this entering yours and your Mother's birthing field - you were very lucky. Most weren't.

The post natal period, also got modernised, and babies birthed in hospitals were routinely separated from their Mothers. This period is also deeply formative, which creates a strong imprint on the limbic system. An imprint of what is the norm, of what we can expect from life, and how we are placed in relation to others, and the world.

Oxytocin, the hormone of love, peaks in Birth. For Mama and Babe, the easy release of Oxytocin (is there a correlation with the other big O? Yes! There is. More about that in the course) is a vital neural pathway to develop, as it enables feelings of love, safety, trust and surrender - i.e. an ability to relax! And not be in perpetual fright or flight

Our relationship with oxytocin begins in gestation and we are blessed with a peak experience in normal physiological birth, that sets a precedent (or not) for our bodies production and release of this vital hormone and neurotransmitter.

There are many correlations that show up between birth interventions, early childhood trauma, and the psychology of later life. The work of Dr William Emerson and the field of birth psychology is expanding along with understandings of epigenetics and neuroplasticity.

The Birth Into Being Method explores and addresses the underlying trauma of our entry to life and the limbic imprints created in conception, gestation, birth & early childhood. It has a profound impact when used as spiritual preparation for Birth.

* Activate your conscious evolution
This textured modality uses movement, sound, breath, touch - imagination and intention

* Get to know your limbic imprint
Knowledge of the how and why of your patterns and habitual perceptions, is power

* Free yourself from the debris of the past
Access states of Being that give you a new unconscious comfort zone

It’s for you if...

you are willing to explore your own feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and entry to life experiences.
• you are ready to heal old pains, patterns and ‘get out of your own way’

• you are willing to be kind to yourself, gentle with whatever comes up and seek extra support if you need it. (Private sessions are available for course participants at a discounted rate.)

• you enjoy learning new things and are willing and ready to create change in your life
• you are willing to enquire into how your birth and early childhood experiences might be affecting your life, love and ability to connect. Your choices, perceptions and responses today.
• you enjoy connecting with others over the things that really matter in life, sharing from a space of truth with open hearts and minds. If you are willing to be part of an interested, invigorating, empathic online community.

It’s NOT for you if...

• you take medications for anxiety and / or have strong emotional imbalances that make it difficult for you to come back to equilibrium, or feel unsafe in any way, if alone whilst doing this inner work with us via distance.
• you habitually judge others for their emotional responses or experiences. This is a space where we will be sharing our inner worlds and if you have no time or energy for supporting others as well as receiving, maybe it’s best not to join and have a solo session with me instead. See the website for session packages.
• you are not ready to make change in your life.

Limbic Imprint ReCoding breaks the cycle of birth trauma perpetuating itself through the generations.

Release the grip of the story of suffering - allow space for a new story to emerge.


Release the story of suffering
Reduce roadblocks
Reconnect with your Purpose, your Tribe, your Creative Essence
ReAlign with your true nature of Love
ReWrite Your Story
Fall back in the arms of the human race.
- Nicole -

What past Participants have to say:

Nicole’s skill and dedication as a holder of sacred space is remarkable. I can say without hesitation that with her you are in safe hands. The respect and reverence she brings to this revolutionary work is outstanding and I rejoice that people are able to spend time with her healing, growing and appreciating the depth, wonder and magnificence of being human.

Shivam Rachana – Byron 2013
Author, Elder, Birth Activist

Our session put me in touch with my connectedness, and strong desire to live from a place of mind-body integration... I value this primal place within that knows what I need, that doesn't doubt what's possible, and that is pure potentiality. Thank you for this beautiful experience and your skilled facilitation. I would recommend Skype with you, to anyone drawn to this work.

Lianne, Canada

When you purchase ReWrite Your Story you get;

  • A live virtual retreat - April 27th thru to May 18th
  • 4 weeks, 1 x 90 min live call each week, with exercises delivered via video, audio & pdf
  • 9:30am AEST (Use this time convertor to look up your local time)
  • A non-Facebook group for sharing & discussion
  • Resource Lists
  • Includes discounted session rates for private support

LIVE online calls are an integral part of this journey. Bearing witness for each other with interaction and empathy...

Bring your own art therapy tools to this inner work, gifting yourself with visual metaphors of your shift

Journalling is another bridge to the future, of the experiences shared. Gifting yourself with words of transformation

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Will people be able to log in on their own schedule?

Yes, you can log into the topics in your own time. The only time-dependent sessions will be our live Q&A calls. These calls will also be recorded in case you can’t make them.

2. When are the live calls taking place?

9:30am AEST (Use this time convertor for your local time)

2. When will this training run again?

A few times in 2017. Check website for dates.

3. What if I need more individual support?

I am happy to offer individual sessions at a discounted rate for course participants. Or, to have an email dialogue about your specific situation or experience. I'd love to be able to share your story or questions within the group, because it is often the case that one person speaks for many.

4. Still not sure about inner work online?

I am constantly amazed at the connection that is possible in the online space - and how online groups, although sitting singularly behind a computer, can still experience the magic that always occurs when people gather with intention, attention and an interest in inner work and healing of wounds. I am excited to run this course, to share and facilitate in a new way. The Birth Into Being International pod often gathers online, and it is such a remarkable feeling, holding a 'circle' that extends all over the world, with numerous time zones etc. Big Magic!
I have devised a unique sign language for the online courses. We can show our support, resonance, or similar experiences with our hand gestures, without needing to speak. In this way, we are all actively participating, even when one person is in dialogue with the facilitator. It brings intimacy and limbic resonance into play, even if we are continents away from each other.

5. Advantages V's Disadvantages

It's not always easy to get to all the workshops you'd like to, for any number of reasons. This online group experience offers something unique and unprecedented in the world of online courses. The live calls, the separate chat room for dialogue throughout the week, as we integrate the content, and explore what is arising in response to the processes... It can be as interactive or as private an experience as you like. No one is obliged to share anything with the group, although for many people, sharing is an important part of an experience. We will be co creating as we journey along and I'm more than happy to hear your feedback and suggestions.

The only disadvantage I see to doing this inner work online is the lack of touch. Being a multi sensory approach, touch is an integral part of the Birth Into Being Method. It is interesting to note that even when we touch and move our own bodies, we can invite the release of oxytocin and endorphins, and we will be exploring this within ReWrite Your Story.

The most powerful message I took away from my time with you was that all my needs are met, and that everything is taken care of in my life! This is a huge perspective and cellular flip for me and it feels goooood!

Callie, Melbourne

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Nicole Moore
Nicole Moore
Mama, Birth Passionista, Facilitator

About the instructor

My life is enmeshed with many others, in community. A seeker from the beginning, I am deeply passionate about conscious evolution, our future as a species, and good living as a spiritual path. 

In my life and work, I am aligned with the truth that the way we are born, and experience life in the formative period of life, creates imprints and impacts the way we live. 

In workshops, private sessions and online, I explore these imprints and create new ones with people wanting to either develop relationship with, prepare for, or heal from birth. 

I am currently conspiring with the universe to create this and other online courses in this wonderful healing modality. I'm hoping to satisfy the requests from all those people who want to do this work from the comfort of their own home, who are not able to make it to a workshop somewhere. I like the idea of reaching more people than I can with in person workshops, and being a bit more sustainable in the way I'm interacting with the world and sharing my gifts. 

( Less travel! More time for kids stuff on weekends! )

Please! Reach out with any queries or questions. Don't be shy, ok?

What's included?

7 Videos
8 Texts
2 PDFs
5 Audios
1 Download

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