With Woman

Birth Into Being ~ With Woman

For Birthworkers ~ Holding space for grace in birth

Live from your Calling with ease & grace

Create pathways to an embodied, purposeful, powerful state of Being

With Woman

ReWrite Your Story

utilising neuroplasticity and epigenetics

  • October 14th through to 18th November.
  • 6 weeks of processes, delivered every Monday (with reminder emails).
  • 2 live online gatherings, 10:30am AEST  on 21st Oct & 18th Nov.
  • A private, closed facebook group of like minded people who are also working with the Birth Into Being Method. Sharing experiences, feedback and ideas around the processes you are doing.
  • AU $197

Our world needs Birthworkers who are

- fully embodied themselves, so they can model that for their Mama's, as well as be grounded and enjoy it themselves. Embodiment brings trust, connection and celebration of the body with it.

- clear of their own birth trauma, so that isn't present with the women they work with.

- strong and able to ride big waves of feelings. As individuals and space holders.

- able and willing to speak up.

- ready to hold space for grace in birth.


This work is a gift of grace for conscious conception & birth, 

and those working in wholistic pregnancy related fields.

The Birth Into Being Method, is beautifully tailored to those who work With Woman in this online course. Whilst the nature of the inner work is exploratory of your own imprints of birth, you will gain perspectives that will also inform the way you hold space for the women you serve in birth or pre and post natal care.

Address any unhealed wounds that may be impacting your relationship to birth.

Or the person you want to be in relationship to birth.

Grow your changemaking ovaries.

Deepen your committment to conscious evolution.

Give to the Birth Passionista within!

You will be in wonderful company amongst

Birthworkers, Birthkeepers, Midwives, Doulas, Counscellors, Educators, Advocates, Therapists, Enthusiasts, Nerds, Passionista's, Mama's, and the like.

I'll be there too. 

Hi! I'm Nicole.

I'm a Certified Advanced Facilitator at Birth Into Being. I live off the grid, in the forest, by the ocean in a mudbrick home built with love on the East Coast of Australia. Homebirthing my babies in a tipi, their first foods were from the garden... Unfortunately like most everyone, my life has sped up since those times, but I am still living close to the earth, and beach, and in a strong community of birth-y types.

Nicole Moore
Nicole Moore
Mama, Birth Passionista, Facilitator

My life is enmeshed with many others, in community. A seeker from the beginning, I am deeply passionate about conscious evolution, our future as a species, and good living as a spiritual path. 

In my life and work, I am aligned with the truth that the way we are born, and experience life in the formative period of life, creates imprints and impacts the way we live. 

In workshops, private sessions and online, I explore these imprints and create new ones with people wanting to either develop relationship with, prepare for, or heal from birth. 

I am currently conspiring with the universe to create this and other online courses in this wonderful healing modality. I'm hoping to satisfy the requests from all those people who want to do this work from the comfort of their own home, who are not able to make it to a workshop somewhere. I like the idea of reaching more people than I can with in person workshops, and being a bit more sustainable in the way I'm interacting with the world and sharing my gifts. 

( Less travel! More time for kids stuff on weekends! )

Please! Reach out with any queries or questions. Don't be shy, ok?

What's included?

7 Videos
3 Texts
2 Audios

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