Birth Into Being ~ Conscious Conception

Conscious Conception

Birth Into Being Method

It’s time.  Almost time...  You wanna make a Baby! A descendant, an heir, an awesome expression of your Love.

You are Ready.  You want to honour, explore and make this experience, expression and commitment really special.

You want tools.  Ideas.  Doorways into the deep and profound love that you know is there, and want to share.  Either with your partner and or with others who are also ripe and ready and excited about bringing a baby to life.

What a deeply blessed Babe, to have such conscious parents, people ready and willing to hold space for him or her to emerge, to create a body, to Be here with us.

And- life’s so full that it’s not always easy to create this space, this opening...  You may find that at different times you’re on a different page to the other people involved.  And as we culturally embrace changes in traditional methods of conception, from being medically assisted to same sex or multi parented, we are also finding that we need a little help in keeping connected to the true intentions behind bringing a Baby in.

Entering the Sacred - going thru the doorway of no return - committing to that Babe for your lifetime together - is deeply deserving of your full attention and awareness.

You deserve your own time and attention as you make this transition.  If you are becoming a parent for the first time, it is safe to say you will be forever changed.  Whether you explore the territory with awareness or not.  So why not give yourself the gift of healing past hurts, embracing the changes you will face, cultivating conscious awareness and welcoming your Babe from a place of deep connection.

6 weeks long, content will be delivered week by week within the course platform, with reminder emails to your inbox.  

I hold a safe space for intimate sharing with others on the same journey (via private Facebook group) and discounted rates on private sessions for further support.

Conscious Conception

It’s for you if...

~  It's for you if you want to explore your feelings and thoughts about making babies - alone or with a partner, hetero or same sex.

~  It’s for you if you are approaching conception or trying to conceive - ready to deeply connect with yourself, your partner, the incoming Babe and your collective intentions. You are prepared to spend time and energy to make this time special.

~  It's for you if you are willing to explore your own feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and entry to life experiences.

It's for you if you are willing to enquire into how your birth and early childhood experiences might be affecting your life, love and ability to connect.  Your choices, perceptions and responses today.

~  It's for you if you are willing to be kind to yourself, gentle with whatever comes up and seek extra support if you need it.

~  It’s for you if you enjoy connecting with others over the things that really matter in life, sharing from a space of truth with open hearts and minds.  If you are willing to be part of an interested, invigorating, empathic online community.

It’s not for you if...

~  It's not for you if you aren't ready to explore your own feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and entry to life  experiences

~  It’s not for you if you are hoping to drag an unwilling partner into doing this course together.  He or she needs to be willing in order for these exercises to be fun, enjoyable and effective.  You can do most of the exercises alone, however.  

~  It's not for you if you have really strong beliefs about a wrathful creator God that you aren't willing to momentarily put aside or question

~  It's not for you if you habitually judge others for their emotional responses or experiences.  This is a space where we will be sharing our inner worlds and if you have no time or energy for supporting others as well as receiving, maybe best not to join and have a solo session with me instead.

My assurance to you

I can’t guarantee that you will conceive within any particular amount of time.  There are just too many variables for that to be something I can even comment upon.  ;-)  What I can assure you of is that if you don’t enjoy or receive benefit from the program, I’ll issue a hassle free refund.  With one condition - please let me know the main reason you weren’t happy with the course, so we have a chance to make it better.



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Nicole Moore
Nicole Moore
Mama, Birth Passionista, Facilitator

About the instructor

My life is enmeshed with many others, in community. A seeker from the beginning, I am deeply passionate about conscious evolution, our future as a species, and good living as a spiritual path. 

In my life and work, I am aligned with the truth that the way we are born, and experience life in the formative period of life, creates imprints and impacts the way we live. 

In workshops, private sessions and online, I explore these imprints and create new ones with people wanting to either develop relationship with, prepare for, or heal from birth. 

I am currently conspiring with the universe to create this and other online courses in this wonderful healing modality. I'm hoping to satisfy the requests from all those people who want to do this work from the comfort of their own home, who are not able to make it to a workshop somewhere. I like the idea of reaching more people than I can with in person workshops, and being a bit more sustainable in the way I'm interacting with the world and sharing my gifts. 

( Less travel! More time for kids stuff on weekends! )

Please! Reach out with any queries or questions. Don't be shy, ok?

What's included?

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